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Death in Bed

by Saeed Jones

Originally published by Straylight

There are no instruction manuals, no 
pocket book sized pamphlets complete 

with diagrams and bullet lists, no
chapter devoted to proper etiquette

for initiating foreplay
with bones. I could use some advice

on what to wear: a pink negligee
or maybe just skin? Or less? 

Should I worry about making death 
feel at ease? Do I offer him a drink?

Gin and tonic or under the rocks,
what do you say, lover? Do I call him

lover? Turn the lights off or leave 
them on? And again, the question 

of foreplay. Would it be easier
if I made conversation? Come here 

often, do you? Lover? Maybe 
when he comes, I will just lie 

still. Maybe I should ask him 
if he would hold my breath.


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